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John Levine’s “CAN SPAM applies even within a single provider”

July 8, 2007

John Levine’s blog post CAN SPAM applies even within a single provider is a great read, if you’re following CAN-SPAM litigation, or if you’re thinking about using MySpace to promote your products. MySpace won a recent judgement against of $2.5 Million for violation CAN-SPAM.


Your Image-Based E-mail Could be Breaking the Law

June 27, 2007

I just read this article: Your Image-Based E-mail Could be Breaking the Law which is the latest by Ken Magill. I’m not a lawyer, so I definitely can’t give any opinions, but this is an interesting twist on the subject of “what’s the right way to let consumer’s unsubscribe and make it easy for them” and is something I’d personally never thought of…

Dave Barry on SPAM

April 2, 2007

As you Internet users know, most e-mail comes from “spammers,” who are the mutant spawn of a bizarre reproductive act involving a telemarketer, Larry Flynt, a tapeworm, and an executive of the Third Class mail industry. Every day I get dozens, sometimes hundreds, of e-mails from these people, almost always trying to sell me one of four things: (1) pornography; (2) Viagra; (3) a product for the man who is not satisfied with his natural self and would like to increase, by as much as three inches, the size of his endowment; or (4) a low-interest mortgage.

Why are there so many e-mail ads for these products? Does anybody buy them? Is there a town somewhere, called Spamville, where the men consume Viagra and pornography in bulk quantities, then lurch around in a lust-crazed frenzy, their huge artificially enhanced endowments knocking holes in their walls, so eventually their houses fall down, forcing them to purchase new ones, using low-interest mortgages?

I don’t know. All I know is, I spend about half of my time on the Internet deleting e-mail.

Classic Dave Barry